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RICE SHINE Conditioner Bar Normal | Dry Hair

RICE SHINE Conditioner Bar Normal | Dry Hair

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Rice Shine Hair Conditioner Bar is a luxurious and nourishing conditioning treatment that will leave your hair feeling silky smooth and looking radiant. Rice infused bar with pro-vitamin b5 & proteins that seal and strengthen the hair cuticle. Resulting in soft locks. This vegan-friendly bar is carefully crafted with a blend of natural and organic ingredients to provide your hair with the care it deserves.
Key Benefits:
  • Intensely hydrates and softens the hair
  • Helps to detangle and reduce frizz
  • Adds brilliant shine and promotes hair manageability
  • Strengthens and fortifies with the power of rice protein
  • Convenient and eco-friendly solid bar format
  • Color Safe
  • Long lasting with 50 - 60 washes! *with correct storing in between uses*
A clean and fresh of scent aloe water, nectarine and cedarwood.
Highlighted Ingredients
Pro-Vitamin B5 (aka Panthenol): is a humectant which attracts moisture into the strands and then prevents that same moisture from escaping. It also helps seal off the cuticle of each strand, to smooth hair overall, and helps to prevent frizz, splitting, and fraying.
Mango Seed Butter*: Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, this natural butter deeply moisturizes and nourishes the hair, leaving it feeling luxuriously soft.
Argan Oil*: Known for its exceptional hydrating and shine-enhancing properties, organic argan oil helps to revitalize and rejuvenate dull, dry hair.
Hydrolyzed Rice Protein: Derived from rice, this protein strengthens and fortifies each strand, promoting overall hair health and resilience. 
How to use

After shampooing, glide the Rice Shine Hair Conditioner Bar through wet hair from roots to ends. In a motion like you are painting your hair with the bar, concentrating on the ends. Gently massage into the hair, then rinse thoroughly. For best results, follow with your favorite styling products.

Leave the bar out to air dry, ready for its next use.

Hair Type & Texture


Suitable for all hair types, especially beneficial for dry, damaged, or dull hair in need of extra nourishment and shine.

For longer-lasting results, allow the conditioner bar to air dry between uses and store it in a well-drained soap dish or container.


Is this product suitable for color-treated hair?
Yes, our conditioner bar is gentle and safe for use on color-treated hair. It can help to maintain the vibrancy of your color while keeping your hair nourished and healthy.
How long will a conditioner bar typically last?
The longevity of the conditioner bar can vary depending on usage, but on average, it can last as long as 2-3 bottles of liquid conditioner, making it a cost-effective and sustainable choice.

Full Ingredient List

Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Cetyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter*, Butylene Glycol, Water (Aqua), Argania Spinsosa (Argan) Oil*, Panthenol, Dimethylpolysiloxane, Hydrogenated Ethylhexyl Olivate, Fragrance+, Phenoxyethanol, Hydroxypropyltrimonium Rice Protein, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Cassia Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Hydrogenated Olive Oil Unsaponifiables, Ethylhexylglycerin
+All Natural ISO 9235 Certified
Our commitment
We are proud to use 100% vegan ingredients in our products. We prioritize organic ingredients and strive to include those on the approved ECOCERT list whenever possible. By choosing our products, you're not only treating yourself but also supporting sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Eco-Conscious Packaging
We care about the environment as much as we care about your hair. That's why our Conditioner Bars are thoughtfully packaged in a compostable bag allowing you to reduce your environmental footprint when disposing of it. We believe in reducing waste and making a positive impact on the planet, one product at a time.

Ingredients Explained
  • Behentrimonium Methosulfate: A conditioning agent that helps to detangle and soften the hair.
  • Cetyl Alcohol: A fatty alcohol used as an emollient and emulsifier, which helps to soften and smooth the hair.
  • Cetearyl Alcohol: Another fatty alcohol that acts as an emollient, emulsifier, and thickener, providing a creamy texture and helping to condition the hair.
  • Mango (Mangifera Indica) Seed Butter: Derived from the seeds of mango fruit, this butter is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, providing moisturizing and smoothing properties for the hair.
  • Butylene Glycol: A humectant that helps to attract moisture to the hair, keeping it hydrated.
  • Water (Aqua): Serves as a solvent and provides the base for the conditioner.
  • Argan (Argania Spinsosa) Oil: A nourishing oil rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that helps to condition and add shine to the hair.
  • Panthenol: Also known as Provitamin B5, it helps to improve hair's moisture retention, making it softer and more manageable.
  • Dimethylpolysiloxane: A silicone that provides conditioning and smoothing effects to the hair.
  • Hydrogenated Ethylhexyl Olivate and Hydrogenated Olive Oil Unsaponifiables: Both are derived from olive oil and act as emollients, providing conditioning and softening benefits to the hair.
  • Fragrance: A blend of natural scents that provides a pleasant aroma to the conditioner. This fragrance is derived from natural sources and is ISO 9235 certified.
  • Phenoxyethanol: A preservative that helps to maintain the shelf life of the product.
  • Hydroxypropyltrimonium Rice Protein and Hydrolyzed Rice Protein: Derived from rice, these proteins help to strengthen and fortify the hair, providing conditioning and volume-boosting benefits.
  • Cassia Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride: Derived from cassia seeds, this ingredient helps to condition and detangle the hair.
  • Ethylhexylglycerin: A skin-conditioning agent that also works as a preservative.
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