DRENCHEDskin's Sustainable Pledge

Making environmentally sustainable choices is important to us, here are some of the ways we do that:
Biodegradable Ingredients
Sourcing rapidly and readily biodegradable ingredients.
Vegan Ingredients
We are a vegan company so we only produce vegan formulas and products. We love our animal friends.
Upscaled Ingredients
Sourcing upscaled ingredients making sure that more of that plant gets used instead of thrown away.
Nature Identical
Sourcing nature-identical ingredients when needed. These are lab made ingredients that are considered to be more sustainable. Sometimes, multiple industries are over-farming a specific, natural ingredient.
IUCN Red List
NOT using herbs or plants that are on the IUCN Red List in order to protect the species from decreasing and going extinct in the wild.
Our glass containers are recyclable and can be reused. Our packaging we use to ship your orders are eco-friendly, recyclable, and compostable.
Have any suggestions for our ongoing efforts to support sustainability?
Shoot us an email!