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best moisturizer ever

there is nothing topping this body mousturizer. i started using it when i lived in high altitude, dry mountain climate & my hands were so dry that they began cracking 🤯 this moisturizer was the tall glass of water that my hands needed! in days, my hands were baby soft & the cracks had time to heal. no other lotion or moisturizer compares. i’ve been using it ever since 💎

RESTORE Skin Barrier Face Cream
Lyana P. (Azusa, US)

This moisturizer is hands down the best I’ve ever put on my skin. I’ve tried so many and nothing compares to this one. It never fails to leave my skin hydrated and fresh. It absorbs so well on my face, I can’t live without it. 100/10 🩷

REVIVE Eye Gel Serum
Edna M. (Chino Hills, US)
Cool and smooth

That’s exactly how I feel when I put Revive on! I keep mine in the fridge and apply it in the a.m. and p.m. sometimes I wake with water retention. Revive helps the puffiness
Thank you Drenched 😊

Sine (Dallas, US)
the perfect toner

i need my toner to feel like it’s doing something, so i’m super picky if they’re “too gentle” but i also can’t have anything too harsh. this is a *perfectly* balanced toner. my face feels so good using it after the anti blemish cleanser. a must have combo for acne prone skin. i’ve been using it after i shave to help prevent ingrown hairs as well. i’m obsessed

vg (Anaheim, US)
great body soap

Firstly the soap smells so goooood. Love that the smell stays after your shower buts also like not over bearing. I appreciate a soap that makes you feel clean & refreshed and this one totally does that. I also love the black lather. Goth goals lol. Im hoping she make the blue soap for your face again also saying these here so I hope drenched skin sees<3

2 dollars well spent! Thank you DS!

REFRESH Hydrating Mist
Stephanie (Pasadena, US)
REFRESH is my go to for my routine and between!

I love using REFRESH to prep before I do my routine or as a finishing spray. So happy that it's a permanent part of the collection. Love the scent (even though I am sensitive). It makes my skin feel hydrated when I need it, especially during these dry winter months. Would 100% recommend it to people with sensitive or problem skin.

D. (Beaumont, US)
My go to skin skit!

I love this set because it clears my skin and keeps it clear! I always get compliments on my skin because of this set. Add the vitamin C serum and watch how you glow!

Best vitamin C ever!!

I use this in my daily routine & has been a staple now for ever❣️❣️ my skin is noticeably brighter✨✨✨ doesn’t feel heavy or sticky at all! I recommend ✨✨

CHERRY MELT Fruit Infused Oil Cleanser
R.M. (Rancho Palos Verdes, US)
I Can't Live Without This Product

Admittedly, I never used an oil-based cleanser before I tried "Cherry Melt" and now ... I'm never going back to makeup wipes. Foundation, eyeliner, MASCARA come off so easily with this cleanser. It's very gentle on my oily, sensitive skin and never leaves it feeling dry. Highly recommend! It's a must-have for your routine.

SLEEP N’ GLOW Exfoliating Face Mask
R.M. (Rancho Palos Verdes, US)
My Skin is Baby-Butt-Soft After Using This!!

This is probably one of my favorite products from DRENCHEDSkin. I have oily, acne-prone skin, so product exfoliants work really well on my skin type. I use this 2 times per week, and I wake up with the softest, cleanest-looking skin. It smoothes out fine lines and just gives me so much confidence in my natural skin. Highly recommend!

Can’t Go Without This!

This is a must first-step cleanser at the end of the day and it’s my absolute necessity to take off spf and makeup. I used to use makeup wipes and this is hands down the better alternative. It’s so gentle, cleanses all the makeup and leaves my skin so soft.

PRISM GLOW Shimmering Body Oil
Lilac M. (Pasadena, US)
Just the right amount of sparkle✨

I love the consistency of the formula, it’s not sticky like some of the shimmer oils I’ve tried in the past from other brands. it’s sparkly and shimmery and smells really good. I took this on a river trip with the girlies and we all wore some on the rafts and we looked 🔥

REVIVE Eye Gel Serum
Joanna H. (Ontario, US)
The best eye gel I’ve ever used

This shit is amazing, you only have to use the tiniest amount and it works wonders!

I’ve been a loyal customer of Drenched skin for years not but when she stared making hair products I was so exited! I’ve always struggled with my hair being dry and felt like the store products where too much for my hair. Her shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and oils have made wonders to my hair, for once it’s strong and soft and looks healthy! Im forever grateful 😊🙏🏽

I’ve been a loyal customer to Drenched skin because her products are home made and they make my skin look shiny and healthy! But when she decided to do hair products I was so exited because I’ve always struggled with my hair being dry and I always felt like the the shampoos and conditioner at the store had to many chemicals for my hair. Her products have proven me right because her hair products have done wonders to my hair, it feels healthy and soft for once ! Forever grateful 😁🙏🏽

Please restock!!

Love, love, LOVE this product!! It does exactly what it says it does & more!!

Greatest of all time

Tried a lot of products in my lushest hair of all time journey.
This is hands down the best, shine and how often I trim has always been an issue but no longer. Highly recommended to anyone who cares to have healthier looking and feeling hair.

RESTORE Skin Barrier Face Cream
Mandy (Newport Beach, US)
Perfect AM Cream for a Glow

I love this cream, especially for my AM routine. I use it after C Bright and I get the best skin glow! And it’s so light, my SPF absorbs really well after it.

MULTI-COLLAGEN Hydrating Face Cream
D.B. (Oakland, US)
holy grail

I’m not sure how long I’ve been using this moisturizer for, maybe two years going on three, but I’m never looking anywhere else! It is truly a holy grail product for me!! The rich consistency has remained the same, has never irritated my acne prone skin and leaves my skin baby soft! I don’t even wash my face everyday now simply because it’s been healthy ever since I started using this product which lasts me about half a year!

GREEN BAMBOO Cleansing Face Polish
Kassandra G. (Santa Ana, US)

I use this sometimes or my night routine & my skin feels so much softer right after I wash & in the morning more brighter!!💓

Cynthia N. (Los Angeles, US)

Very much a staple in my life

C BRIGHT Vitamin C Booster Serum
Stephanie (Pasadena, US)
Incredible product with real results

This is one of the best vitamin C serums I have tried. I don't think I could live without it after using it for nearly a year and it has become an essential part of my routine. Although we cannot prevent the aging process, I believe that my skin's health has been positively impacted after using this in the morning with my SPF 50 and applying restore at night after cleaning and toning. It has changed the appearance and texture of my skin - being over 40 with sun damage I cannot tell you how nice it is to see my skin glow and be able to go without any makeup.

ANTI-BLEMISH Gentle Face Cleanser
C. (South Pasadena, US)
Love love loveeeeee!

Honestly best cleanser I’ve used in a really long time! I’ve been struggling with acne since the pandemic started and have tried soooo many different skincare brands and products and nothing has worked the way this cleanser has! I can’t wait to run out of my other skincare products and replace them with Drenched skincare <3 10/10 recommend

RESTORE Skin Barrier Face Cream
Larissa A. (Escondido, US)
Fav moisturizer ever

My skin loves this moisturizer so much. Just bought 1 last week and two more to stock up! Cannot live without it. Super grateful.