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Thank you everyone who has shown me support with this small business of mine. It has not been easy to keep on pushing some days but making skincare, educating myself and others about it, is my passion.

If it weren't for my supporters I wouldn't get the push that I truly need sometimes and because of you I have been able to come and confidently sell on my own platform. 

For those of you who do not know, I started this company back in 2015. I grew up watching my mom having a collection of endless skincare and cosmetics, I was fascinated. Always wanting to play with her collection, standing right next to her while getting ready seeing what product she chose to use next. Asking her, "Can I use some too?", most of the time she would say yes. I'm sure the "no's" would come with the more expensive products.

Being brought up with most of my teenage years in the early 2000's (shout out to my fellow Ashanti and Ja Rule fans), I fell subject to the embarrassing subscriptions to Seventeen Magazine and hidden Cosmo issues from my parents that I have now sworn off for some years now. Why do mainstream women's magazines play such a horrific role in women's self confidence? Anyways, there would always be the occasional recipe for a homemade mask or hair conditioner that I'm sure we all felt inclined to make. 

Eventually, this evolved into more experiments. Which meant an abundance of formulas that turned into actual products in mason jars. I couldn't use up everything I had all on my own so it was handed out as gifts to family and friends. From there came encouragement to start selling and now here I am 5 years later still doing it! There is so much more to share about my journey in making skincare but I'll save that for another post.

I hope the website is user friendly, I tried my best to make it straight to the point and give you different payment options for easy checkout. If there are any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me! Thanks again for all the support, I hope my appreciation for you shows through my products from start to finish.




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