Collection: Facial Oils

DRENCHEDskin's consciously formulated face oils nourish your skin giving you a beautiful, healthy glow that you will be sure to love. We formulate with oils that are antioxidant rich. Oils known for their special essential fatty acid content, like omega-6 fatty acids (linoleic acid) to omega-3 fatty acids (alpha-linolenic acid). We choose luxurious and fast-absorbing emollients because the key to a good skin oil is one that does not leave you looking or feeling greasy.

We have an oil for dry skin, sensitive skin, aging skin, and acne prone skin! Which one are you?

What are essential fatty acids? They are fatty acids that cannot be produced in our body, so we have to get it mainly through our diet and even better, apply them topically!
Studies have shown linoleic acid can restore the barrier function and reduce scaling on your skin. Alpha-linolenic acid helps dry or damaged skin return to normal faster, and speeds up skin’s barrier repair mechanisms.